Bring him home (Les Miserables) ~ Alfie Boe

there has just been so many aircraft tragedies in the past few months. this feels appropriate.

i choose to still hang on to hope beyond hope. i truly believe in miracles.

god on high, hear my prayer,
in my need, you have always been there
he is young, he’s afraid. let him rest heaven blessed
bring him home, bring him home
he’s like the son i might have known if god had granted me a son
the summers die one by one, how soon they fly on and on
and i am old and will be gone
bring him peace, bring him joy. he is young, he is only a boy
you can take, you can give. let him be, let him live
if i die, let me die, let him live, bring him home


3 thoughts on “Bring him home (Les Miserables) ~ Alfie Boe

  1. pri­ta­riu Aleksui ir auto­rei — Å¡is straips­nis visiš­kai netu­rÄ—jo bÅ«t wiki­pe­di­jos žanro, nors abiejų žodžių raÅ¡ybÄ… tik­rai verta iÅ¡mokt :) Kita ver­tus, iÅ¡ties, Susan Sontag inreÂt­pre­ta­ci­jos — tai dar ne vis­kas, man iÅ¡ straips­nio tai nuskam­bÄ—jo labiau kaip poe­zija, o ne ana­lizÄ—, iÅ¡reiš­kianti tik­ruo­sius LenÄ—s motyvus.

  2. They changed it up for this live version. But on the album, the last four notes played by the horn are a nod to a famous jazz / lounge song – I think it might even have been a movie theme. I’m drawing a blank. Anyone know the title of that song?

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