Kennis is macht

so i joined this volunteer program here in the hague. the program is called “the world in your classroom” and basically, it is expats talking to kids about their home countries. i volunteered to teach one class and ended up with a class of 12 and 13 year olds. very very energetic 12 and 13 year olds!

it was awesome. we talked about south east asia, and where malaysia is. i showed them the city of kuala lumpur, the beaches of our east coast islands, the green paddy fields of our northern states and then i took them to borneo to meet our local “dutchmen”. hehehe. then we talked a bit about malaya’s colonial history. finally, we made wayang kulit puppets. it was fun.

i underestimated how much fun i would have being in a classroom again. it has been at least a decade since i left teaching. methinks it is time to consider this line again? well, i’d like that option on the table. certainly.


2 thoughts on “Kennis is macht

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