All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual. ~ Albert Einstein

why am i getting sensitised or desensitised or actually, i think i got it right the first time… sensitised to all this concrete suddenly?

if i were to take a step back, i think it could be a combination. the clear fact that i find myself most of the time in europe these days and things are different there. not better. different. of course, i have to take account that things are far more developed there and the so-called maturity of the people have had more time to develop. it’s funny, you know, i was talking to this audience not too long ago about developed and developing countries, and how developed countries tell developing countries that they should control how they grow – they get angry about the amount of trees are felled, how much plantation land is opened, how much the developing countries consume energy, pollute water, emit carbon – and i am not saying that the consumption patterns of developing countries are on a very healthy trend – but there is something about how developed countries want to limit the growth of these countries that does not reflect very well on the balance of power that is on hand.

yes, i really don’t believe is uncontrolled growth. sustainability – god only knows how many times a day, i use that word. but it is true. unsustainable growth is a very bad idea. but telling other countries that you cannot achieve the wealth and prosperity that they have, is unfair. again, the word of the day is sustainability. and too few realise that it really means striking a balance. growth is necessary. but we can choose how to grow. the simplest way i can put it is this: we can make a lot of money here and now, or we can keep making money for years and years to come. you know what they say about easy come, easy go. that is exactly the point. we don’t want to be rich now and poor tomorrow. we want to be happy, here, now and always.

i tell people that i am trying to learn the best of both worlds. there are strengths and weaknesses in everyone, in every nation. people tell me that the grass is greener on the side, and this is not true. grass is not greener where we are either. in a round planet, the truth is, the grass is the same hue of green everywhere.


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