The early bird may get the worm, but its the second mouse that gets the cheese. ~Jeremy Paxman

so here we are bringing it old skool. cheese fondue (dah lupa dah apa nama cheese yang ada kat dalam. yang tau, ada dua jenis. dua-dua bau macam sial) with not the fancy modern stuff. cubes of hard crusted bread and boiled potatoes. long steel tongs for dipping. tu je.

pertama kali dip, rasa macam panic sikit. louis told me that kalau apa yang kita dip tu terjatuh ke dalam mangkuk fondue tu, si peng-dip tu harus dicampak ke dalam sungai. there is even a funny historic story about it. the night is rainy and cold so i really have no intention at all of landing dalam sungai.

cheese kat sini is obviously not the same as the cheese back home. at home kita ada tiga jenis cheese saja: the kind on pizza (which they say is not real cheese), the cheese singles that we put in a sandwich (which is not real cheese either) and, well, cheese cake (itu cream cheese and therefore, not real cheese either).

this cheese fondue taste attacks the sides of the back of the tongue dulu. masam semacam. betul-betul masam semacam. and then the taste travels to the rest of the mouth and you get a bit of the saltiness and a tiny tiny bit of sweetness. oh tapi it really cannot compare with the masam-ness.

but then something happens. the funny kind of masam-ness turns into the not bad kind of masam-ness. the roti is really just so-so for me, but the starch of the boiled potato actually works to dillute the masam. and then it becomes okay. enjoyable even.

and when we reached the bottom of the mangkuk, our host takes it to the back of the kitchen and we hear this crazy screeching sound and he returns with scrapings of the cheese stuck to the bottom of the pot, which really is the best part of the fondue experience.


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