We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. ~TS Eliot

so can we say that the realisation is that we have found a new home? and if we do say that, does it, in any way, mean that we have lost our old one? what is the definition of a home? where the heart is? and could one appreciate a new place while leaving the heart behind? what kind of experience would that be – to travel without the heart? and if you bring your heart with you, and you open your chest to the infinate marvels that the world has to showcase, and you let your heart rejoice in the adventures and the experiences, does it find a new home? and we come full circle to where we began. does it lose its old home?

discussion with teenee and friends about a sense of familliarity that becomes more than comfortable. a home. you travel somewhere and you come back… home. but not to where you are from. but to a place where you heart can rest. and if your heart finds such solace in a new place, how does the mind digest the fact that you have now a new place called home? how do you reason with the mind that it means to disrespect to where you are from, not in the least bit at all?

some people say that home is where you have a sense of belonging. but does this sense of belonging need to come from people? can it come from a place? is it possible to stand with eyes closed as the winds of this… place… envelope you in welcoming embrace?

i sit on a train, close to midnight… i am on my way home?

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