You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ~ Gandhi

i have had enough of being doped up and caged in my four walls. that, and the promise of magnificence by a colleague, dragged me out of my drool stained bed and onto a bus. two hours later, i find myself standing on a dijk. across from a neat row of windmills. wind blowing in my face. the sky above me changing from grey to blue before my very eyes.

windmills, i found, are very cool. i think to few of the rest of the world realise the water management precision upheld by the dutch. i guess they have to. without it, they lose half, if not all of their country. which evidently ups the stakes, but you gotta admire the resiliance of these people. we don’t have much of a country, but we will make it. like, literally. as thus they did.


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