All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost. ~ Tolkien

i was wondering for quite awhile how that perutusan terakhir would play out. should i write something funny, or should i write something emo. maybe just something standard and unmemorable because, well, now is really not the time to let the cats out. but then again, now is a better time than any would have.

finally, i decided on… the classy. something with taste. something with flair. of course, the risk of such things is that some people, if not a lot of people, will probably not get it. after all, so few are thespians out there and among them, fewer still have the capacity for such appreciation.

oh, but i decided that i did not care. these were to be my last thoughts and i wanted them to be in words that were exquisite. words that were beautiful. words that – if you get it – warms the soul like liquid light flowing through one’s veins. a little bit of symbolism to bring the words to life. a dash of metaphors to spark the imagination. ah what joy it would be to get it.

and in retrospect, such is it is with the author. you either get me, or you don’t. seriously, if you do, what stories i would be able to share. tales that will excite, tales that would frighten, tales that would inspire, tales that would enlighten. but ah, not just mine. but yours all the more.

for i am, but a curious, curious soul. quite unlike most other encounters. far too easily misunderstood. but curious, oh so curious, all the same.


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