So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being. ~ Franz Kafka

anyone who knows me well enough will know that there is an awkwardly long list of things that i do not eat. it is a list that is self developed, mostly. and almost wholly unjustified. but it is a list that i am quite steadfast about it. for no reason at all.

but when i do find something that i like, i can eat that, and just that for days and days at a time without feeling muak about it at all. i would be, in fact, quite happy to do it. it would be something i look forward to. and quite enjoy.

don’t get me wrong. i eat quite healthy, if i do say so myself. i am actually quite inclined towards vegetarianism but i don’t think i can ever cut belacan from my life, so who are we kidding, kan? we can try, though. oh yes, we can. i suppose everyone has their own peculiar eating habits. this is just a part of mine.

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