The Flatland Experience

*Contains spoilers*

I absolutely adore Terry & The Cuz, The Rubix Cube and Suhaili Micheline’s Flatland experience. I did not think I would actually enjoy it this much becase I am admittedly not a dance person (much attributed to my own unfortunate control of hand-eye co-ordination), but this was a piece that resonated so deeply in me, that I was still peeling layers of interpretation from the story hours after the show – much to the delight and despair of my mates who expected non-heavy after-show drinks. Then again, Liverpool won that night. Non heavy night was never their destiny. Hah!

But really, the weight of Flatlands was over whelming in a beautiful way. So beautiful, I really don’t know how many can actually appreciate how incredibly tragic the story really is. How painful. How politically charged. How much hurt and confusion is packaged in the scenes.

And that troubles me.

I sat there, as members of the audience giggled at the “absurdity” of the movements. I wonder if they understand how profound that “random” bogey is. Why there is nothing random or absurd about it in the first place.

How the audience’s very reaction of giggling at the dancer who came out bouncing on the rubber goat is the very thing that is wrong with society today.

How the scene where the protagonist stares in silence at the rubber goat that had fallen on its side after its rider was taken away for non-conformity… how the prolonged stillness of this scene absolutely breaks my heart.

How I actually got slightly angry when people in the audience laughed when shoes were being thrown from the side of the stage to the protagonist towards the end of the dance.

Or maybe I am reading too deeply into this.

I know that many proper media reviewers rave about the music and lighting/projection effects, which I assure you is nothing short of remarkable. I really have not seen anything quite like it in this country. But I wish, I really really wish to see more discourse on the ideas and concepts that this dance depicts.

How it is far closer to our reality than we realise, or want to realise.

Conformity? Individuality? Evolution? Rigidity? Fluidity?


Okay. Maybe I am reading too deeply into this. But Flatland is that sort of dance story. And I love this kind of thought provocation.


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