Merapi puppy ~ I think it was Jen who coined this

so story pasal si merapi tu macam ni. it has been raining cats and dogs off and on since we got here right. and remember that i told ya’ll that we woke up at 3 or 4am to trek in a forest for the invisible sunrise and only got back in the evening to makan dinner la. and i had been walking and walking all day in the temples and all so you can imagine that i was ON A HOLIDAY, DAMMIT and all i want to do was holiday. our friend finds out that that the hike up merapi means that we need to be at the lobby of our homestay at 10pm – which is like, in just a couple of hours time, and we start hiking up the volcano at 1am.

uh, hello? when do i sleep? sleep in the van on the way to the volcano. how long is the climb? approximately 4 hours. uh, excuse me? four hours. in the middle of the night. and reach the peak just in time for the sunrise.

mohon maaf, tuan. aku surrender. i shall forgo the volcano and sleep happily in my bed tonight, and wake up whatever time i want tomorrow, and have a nice, well-deserved hearty breakfast on this cute little balcony just outside my room, and decide when i am good and well rested what kind of day i shall embark on then.

so, while my adventurous spirited and sleep deprived friends jump into the van in search of a volcano sunrise, i rested. doesn’t this story make me sound like such the diva? because i don’t know if that judgement is entirely untrue. oh well.

so in keeping with the vow, i slept, i woke up, i had breakfast (pic) on my cute balcony, and off i went to see the city.

well mostly, i got lost. which was absolutely fabulous. i wandered through street after street of shops filled with locals. looking like i do, i blended in quite well as long as i did not open my mouth. i went to kraton, which is the royal palace. i went to the water castle and because i refuse the services of a guide, i got so lost and disoriented, there were points when i was almost frightened that i would not be able to find my way out of the maze of all the ‘development’ that had sprung all over the water castle.

evening came and i was reunited with my volcano climbing friends and over dinner, i am lightly showered with their stories of the midnight conquest. we converged where every tourist and traveller should end – or begin – their trip to jogja and that is at malioboro. now let me tell you something about this place – the most happening time to be here – surprise, surprise – is on a saturday night. and when it is not raining. that is when all the musicians and wannabe cultural artists come out to plan and it is an awesomely entertaining kind of hustle and bustle crowned by the energy of the night bazaar. sunday, or other days, especially with the rain makes it a little meh.

some local food, a bit of ice cream and a foot massage later, i am on the plane back to reality.


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