Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment ~ Rumi

a quick escape from town to finally check off borobudur and prambanan from the list of ancient temples in south east asia that i have visited. i had to literally move a gazillion things around just so i could make the trip and i was *this close* to just skipping the flight and stay to settle things – but what can i say, this chaos has made me realise that i have established – much to my own surprise actually – a support system that genuinely cares about me enough to tell me to just eff the issues here, get on the plane and get lost because i bloody deserve a break, dammit!

in just a little over 12 hours after getting on the plane, i find myself trekking up a hill to see sunrise over borobudur. i am serious. trekking? through a forest? a forest which is damp with mud just after the rain? which really was not on the list of things to do on a holiday, hello? i really could have been warned about such things, you know. but none of us knew that this was in the package and having gone through it, here is pointer to travellers – no, serious ni, because kalau tak, you might feel a bit ripped off like we did:

unless the weather the previous night is very clear and you are very sure that you are going to be able to see a decent sunrise, skip the tour that says that they are bringing you to this hiss where you will be able to see the sun rise over the borobudur. serious – or else all you will see is mist. unless you are into mist. betul, save yourself the Rp30,000. the trek is really not to bad at all lah, though many of us do find ourselves huffing and puffing in the forest, but it is only about 20 minutes uphill, so no biggie. if you are not sure about the weather, ask your driver or tour guide person to bring you straight to borobudur and spend sunrise there instead. the temple grounds open at 6am if i am not mistaken.

i am going to skip my story about merapi (i will explain this on the next blogpost) and jump straight to prambanan which is also a really interesting visit.

it was raining. boy, it was raining. which means, my photos are ruined! my prambanan collection, when it comes out, shall be flipped to b&w in order to do justive to the lack of colour and tones. sigh. unlike borobudur which is a buddhist temple, prambanan is a hindu temple and so it was nice to see both of them on the same day and compare the features. i just really wished that we could have spent more time here so i could see more.

see, this is why i almost never take these itinerary based tours. i am just not that kind of traveller. there are somethings i am interested in, like culture and history which i would really like to spend more time soaking in. thank god the driver we hired did not pull one of those tourist trap things on us.

it was almost dinner, when we now come face to face with the big ticket item of our trip: merapi… (to be continued, obviously)


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