My soul is racing ahead of me. It says, The body is too slow for me – I am going. ~ Rumi

i guess it is that time of the… well, i am done with saying that time of the year… and it is not that these sort of changes happen on an annual basis anyway. but it is that time lah. when some crazy little bird chirps a crazy little tune and we make a crazy little change to the way this crazy little blog… looks.

and it looks like i have gone single column again, which if you ask me, i think has always been my calling. a little bold, if you ask me personally, but i think i am going to stick to this for now. with the tumblr platform in a nice swing now, i think i want to try going back to the basics of writing on this stage. haha, get it? i said stage!

like i said, crazy little bird.

but i want to write. i think i need to. i sat to a nice cup of lemon infused green tea last rainy weekend and thought i’d write a song, and i found this annoying writer’s block plonked in the middle of my way. i have things to say, but it is not flowing as smoothly as i would like it to. and i realise that i need to get used to generating words again. refined words. words that are elegant to the mind. i need to play with metaphors again. i need to elevate crypticism and dance with them once more.

i need to be a poet once more.


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