Why struggle to open a door between us when the whole wall is an illusion? ~ Rumi

the weirdness, as i would like to assure myself, is over. for now. at least for now. and while i am utterly and fully acutely aware of the transience of this condition, i take comfort that right now, at this moment, i am carefully ar peace.

what a life to live, you say? well, if the internet weren’t so accessible, i might be less cryptic, of which you may then begin to relish this momentary solace i find myself in. as i have mentioned before, there are the good days. and there are bad days. then there are weird days. and while right now, i can say that i believe that everything happens for a reason, on most days, i console in the fact that my lord above knows the reason for this and that is enough for me. and like any labourer for his love, i await, always impatiently for crumbs, which nourishes me to no end.

i constantly pray for patience.

time to ring the doorbell of another dream, oh how the yonder excites the sailor within.


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