They are common stories these days. I even heard that the demon living here in Rashômon fled in fear of the ferocity of man. ~ Rashomon (1950)

i know, i know, i could have made more noise about being in this production, but this was what i considered a personal project. a personal challenge. a personal triumph. triumph in the sense that it was one of my resolutions this year to be in a big production regardless what role i was given. but triumph also in the fact that i was thrown out completely out of my comfort zone.

and while me as myself was wrecked out of my mind, the actor persona in me achieved what it was always meant to be – a person completely different from who i am as a person. to become a different person. to have achieved in portraying that contrast was really exhilarating.

as i walked out of the green room and into the foyer after the show, having washed my makeup and changed into normal civilian clothes, i walked unnoticed among people who could not tell at all that i was that character on the stage.


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