So it had been such a busy June, right, that I have all this bits and pieces of things that I’ve been up to, and not really much narration. Let’s see how this post goes ya.

so i went to see both broken bridges and chow kit road, both which i really enjoyed. i really cannot help noticing the similarities both the musicals however. and since both shows have ended their runs, here are spoilers, well, if you still consider them that way lah. both stories are about a place, and in the place, most people like it there just the way it is, but someone, our hero, wants to get out of the place. both musicals open it a number about the name of the place. both musicals end with an alternate version of the first song. i can really go on and on about all the coincidental similarities that the two musicals have. both the main lead open the show wearing a green/white unbuttoned over a white singlet and brown pants. broken bridges has the four aunties, chow kit road has four datins. really, it is really interesting noticing these things.

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