Petang hingga lewat malam

i got jet lagged without even getting out of the country, without even getting on a jet. i know, what a damn waste, kan? i mean, kalau kena jet lag, at least have the travel experience to back it up with lah kan.

but no. jet lag ini disebabkan oleh a spree of midnight teleconferences that go on until the wee hours of the morning. ada satu hari tu, it ended just as subuh’s azan radiated the morning, and i finally hit the sack as the sun was rising.

and the thing is, a wee part of me actually believes that i function better at night. because we all know that i am so not the morning person la kan? but i am very the evening and late evening person. not the malam sampai pagi person, because i like sleeping too much. but a petang hingga lewat malam kinda person. we all know that different people are most productive at different times of the day and i think i found mine. petang hingga lewat malam.

and i actually have friends who are nocturnal. some by profession and some by choice. and someone once suggested to me that a time will come when world working hours will just flip outside down. because it is way too hot to work in the daytime anyway and more and more people are becoming more comfortable functioning at night. so a day will come when all of us sleep in the day and work at night time. boleh jadi? i don’t know if it is something whole civilisations of mankind will suddenly embrace lah, but looking at all the workaholics that work through the day and into the night anyway, it does seem logical. and seeing that the most global of job functions requires employees to work at night in order to have trans boundary co-operation, it even becomes reasonable.

for now, i need to regulate my sleep hours again. tak travel pun boleh jet lag. feels like such a waste.

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