New catchphrase coined: Softer than a pondan

So I got to catch up with St Nawtee on this trip which was amazing because we go back way back to the days when both of us were paparazis. Not just paparazi semata-mata, okay. Paparazis who travelled on missions! The whole international treasure hunt shebang!

Of the awkward hospitality I have been getting in GVA, a dose of good ol’ South East Asian warmth is like a blessed ray of sunshine, of which I am truly grateful for. If not for the awesome Chinese takeaway he brought me for, I would have been stuck with hard crusts and cold cheeses here.

Speaking of cheeses, hanya ada satu saja la, comment untuk saudaraku yang nun jauh di rantau sana, you still owe me fondue, bro! :)

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