All aboard the absolutely gorgeous Glacier Express between Zermatt and Geneva!

Zermatt is absolutely adorable. I love this place. Love it love it love it. The mountains surrounding this tiny little town is magnificent and seriously, I can just find a spot somewhere and gaze at the mountains forever. There is no ugly side to it at all. Everywhere I turn, there is something to feel absolutely at awe about and you just realise how fantastic God’s creation is and how absolutely absolutely tiny we are when faced by this incredibly massive and gorrrrrrgeous work of nature.

The Glacier Express train ride is the best first and last impression that Zermatt has to offer. As the train departs from Visp, I am immediately treated to wonderful snow capped mountains. As the train makes its way through the ranges, the scene opens up to tiny little towns and rivers and the kind of mountainside views that you’d only see on postcards. I am telling you: Postcard picture perfect, everywhere I turn.


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