You know how they say you gotta step out of your comfort zone? Oh. My. God.

So this evening, I ventured beyond the stretches of my comfort zone. I stepped into the realm beyond and POW! What an experience! It is a remarkable world. Completely foreign to me. I grappled to find any form of footing beneath my ill-experienced feet. All around me, they pass well-footed. With profound grace that leaves me with newfound awe. And I realise, that I am a mere shadow to them. The reflection in the glass that is too easily disregarded. I am sorely out of this league.

Humbly I clasp my hands. Here I am, I announce.

A kind voice says to me, you are still raw. This is not your time. This is not your place. Not now. Not here. Not this. Not yet.

And the speck which is me floats back here. In the safety of the familliar. With dreams of the outer regions of this boundary. And whosoever dares to say that the return is a badge of defeat, I say, at least I had the balls to take that step outside. I choose a life of adventure. I choose to give in to curiosity. Yes, I may bomb. But I learn more from failure than from routine.

And that wonderful world beyond this yard, I will be back. Someday.

Someday, it will be the right time. Someday, it will be the right place. Someday. Not today. But someday.

For now, I take comfort in knowing that someday, there will be a return. And someday, I will be a form beyond the passing glimpse. Someday, it will no longer be unfamilliar. Someday, it will be well within the empire that is my comfort zone. Someday.

And what did I get out of all of this, you ask? Well, a song, actually. Which is both foreign and not foreign at the same time.

So as night be, I return to the embrace of a familliar flame. Shakespeare. Hamlet. We meet again, old friend.


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