I am that girl who can tell her Van Goghs and her Da Vincis. Does that make me a freak? Good.

so i was doing origami hearts using recycled paper one day, right, when upon folding this number, i pointed out that it reminds me of van gogh’s almond blossoms. there we were. pin drop silence. if that really that big a deal? i mean, he is one of the most important artists in the history of the world, right? right?

does that make me a freak? i also know my shakespeares, by the way, and orwell and wilde. don’t get me mistaken, i am not a history geek, but i am very interested, i really am. and i don’t think this is something i have always had. or is it? i don’t know. but i think that travel has something to do with it.

i absolutely have to travel again. i have been stagnant for some time. not that i am complaining because my theater has been an incredibly interesting experience and i am going more into script writing these days. oh, but that thirst for aimless days on the road, i miss it.


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