You can cage a tiger, but you cannot brush his teeth. #TheBeeProject

The end of the year really feels like when all the good stuff rolls out, kan? This is one of the bookmarks this season and I am not just saying that because I am biased. Really. I am saying that because this one has balls.

You know that technique people talk about where the play breaks the fourth wall? Someone told me what it was called and I have forgotten and frankly, I don’t really see how knowing big words advances this post. You all know what I am talking about and that really is all that matters. Where was I again, okay, fourth wall. This one takes the fourth wall, smashes it, and sweeps it under the carpet, then stares right at you. The effect leaves you both excited and vulnerable and I don’t think I can write any more without giving away the story and I don’t want to do that.

Great writing, great acting, directing really goes without saying, awesome. The weakness of this play would be the fragile technical setup but in a play as experimental as this one, that hardly draws any attention at all. All the technical finer points are clocked over by stunning… and I do mean stunning storytelling. So much so that when the play is over and the actors have taken their bow and reality returns to the space, you are momentarily hung in a moment when your senses takes a little longer to get back from this multi layered world that #TerryAndTheCuz created.



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