Review of Empty Space Production’s “Ob3siti”

So on Saturday night, we elected to check out the local theater scene at Stor DBP where #Ob3siti was playing. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know the background of the production team. My best guess is that it was produced by a combination of students and lecturers, because that is usually the case for a place like this. In my opinion however, this really is of no particular importance to me. You see, I am a paying customer. A ticket buyer to a show. If whoever these people are would put out a product for sale, then I strongly believe that the product should be able to speak for quality in its own right. And that is how the spirit of this review is written.

Posting #Obesiti as a title already gives one a blunt and unmistakable idea of what the story is going to be about. Well, overweight people. Seriously, there is no buffer in a title like that. The trailer only reinforces this, and suggests a theme of discrimination over people who are overweight. Right. Straight up and simple. I was looking forward to an evening of skinny people bashing, I was.

And I have to say, that I actually really enjoyed this piece. The three girls had incredible chemistry together and played off the contrast of each other’s character’s quite nicely. I particularly enjoyed the banter between the girls and found their interaction entertaining and convincing. Each girl’s monologue had a different flavour to them, which did well to add variety to the play. Together, they explored the sadness, lonliness, anger and frustration of being overweight and how society treats people who are so.

I have to say, that there were parts of the play, particularly in the monologues, that went just a tad too dangerously into the draggy zone. Really emphasizing on emotional expression is one thing, stretching it too much could come across as trying way too hard. I feel that when you finally tug on the heartstring of the audience, it should come with a quick release. Now that is where the power lies. Go beyond that, and the moment loses its magic. And like I said, there were moments that skipped dangerously on that edge.

Having said all that, I would certainly watch #Ob3siti again, but by the time this review is written, their run has ended. I look forward earnestly for it to be restaged because I think that these girls certainly have a powerful message and some great acting to show us. Kudos to the director #ImranYusoff for accessing these expressions and bringing it out of the actors.


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