In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move. ~ Douglas Adams

this few days has all been about changes. okay wait, let’s rethink that first sentence. there has actually been quite a number of changes…? um, changes might be a little too strong a word to describe these times. let’s see. i tend to be leaning towards the word ‘evolution.’ okay, evolution. there has been a lot of evolving happening this year. not all bad, mind you. not all bad at all.

i think the problem, oh wait, that came out too strong as well. the word problem always makes things come across so negative, kan? i am not saying that it is something negative, although i think many times, people see these things through darkened lenses. no, i am not saying it is negative so i don’t want to use the word ‘problem.’ i will say… issue.

okay, so i think the ISSUE that a lot of people have with changes is that it moves away from a norm that people have become comfortable with. i guess there are many types of people to begin with right, and all these different people have different definitions and preferences where it comes to what is comfortable. on top of that, what is comfortable to one might even come with a life span of its own. like, we can be happy and contented with something now right, and then something more attractive or more comfy comes out, and then suddenly, the standards change and comfort is redefined. such is the irrationally of the completely rational human being. i mean, everyone wants things that makes life easier and things that just simply makes more sense, right? like there was a time when we are happy to make fire by rubbing two sticks together, right. but why would be susah-susahkan diri like that when we can just click on a gas stove, or just switch on an electric induction cooker, or just use the microwave? unless you are out camping lah. which i think is important. but hauling a microwave oven out into the hutan is not a good idea. really.

one of those things that come with changes is a new scenery. again, like i said, this can be good or bad, but we’re trying to focus on the good side today, okay. and in today’s change, the scenery is, literally brighter. and, well, different. it is gonna one weird monday and next monday, but i think that this is something we all can get used to, at least for now. until something more comfy comes along. but like i said, it is looking pretty cool for now and it is something different. and we all know that my attention span really can’t take too much of a constant.

oh, and to commemorate a new scenery, we see a revisit of a view over here too. i’m still tweaking things around here and there so expect some changes… whoops… EVOLUTION on this space in the coming days. probably not over the weekend though.


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