Esok, I’m visiting a very special place. A home for kids who were thrown away by their parents for being mentally/physically ‘defective’ and a home for old folks who have become too much of a ‘burden’ by their kids who abandoned them at public hospitals.

I pray to God for the strength not to break down. Even hearing stories about the place breaks my heart to pieces. Like the story of the child with no ears. And the story of the lady whose diabetes is so bad, her toes were removed & she can’t walk. Worst are the many stories of people who were driven mad upon realising they have been abandoned by their kids when they got too old & sick. I can’t accept that we have such people in our society. I’ve spent almost a thousand bucks on stuff for the trip esok but I still feel tiny. And I know my demam belum elok lagi but I got to go there. Even just for awhile.

We all talk about tabung bencana this & that but to me, this is the real bencana. The degradation & the depression of our society.

It’s like staring into the rip of society’s moral fabric. Helpless.

People driven to insanity due to starvation for love is not right. People denied love for being born imperfect is not right.


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