So it turns out that my personality type is an Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging (INFJ). Now youse all can go google up what that means.

someone asked me yesterday if it is possible for people to score differently if they take the test at different points of their lifetime. my opinion, why not? and as for the case of some incredibly annoying personalities out there, they’d better. i mean look, someone could score as an extrovert rite because they’re painfully opinionated, then years later, upon learning the magnificent skill of shutting up and listening, a person could be more wise and thoughtful, and might score as an introvert, maybe. or say someone used to be like really really shy, then in many years found self esteem, self confidence, becomes an extrovert. yeah, i see loads of logic in personality changes.

one interesting discovery is that adolf hitler was an infj as well. and so was mahatma gandhi.

i see pieces of me in both these great men.


so do i actually believe that i can be defined by a personality test? even one as well known as the jung – briggs myers one? well, i don’t think the point to any of these tests is to profile someone completely accurately. because that would be really really creepy. but i think that some tests can paint a pretty interesting general picture of someone.

i’m still trying to memorise my monologues for the audish this weekend. the good news is that i actually and finally found my monologues, which is quite the achievement. goes to prove that even if you don’t have time for something, if you want it, you make time for it. ni skarang nak hafal bende ni yang pening pulak.

and my precious songs are shaping up. i really really wish i could spend more time on this project. studio time with my guitar has become very personal to me and something i take immense pleasure in. i can really spend all my time on this project. heck, how i wish i could spend all my time just on this project.

typing on a touch screen is something i can’t get used to even though i’ve had this tab for months. for one thing, i can only use one hand to type. my left hand is comprised of four fingers that have been hardened by guitar strings, see. and all the typos because the whole keyboard is smooth la kan, and i have to keep looking at what i am pressing and there is no comfort of the tapping or the tiles pressing like you get on a regular keyboard. this is precisely why i don’t have one of those sleek and sexy touch screen phones. it is the typing. i am already the picture of frustration with a touch keyboard on my tab, can you possibly imagine me tapping words on a phone’s tiny touch keyboard?

okay, let’s not put each other through that.

hunger crisis in the sahel


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