I wrote this monologue on the spur of the moment one afternoon. She inspires me. As she always does.

She’s got her hair twisted into a knot at the top of her head, her eyes wander far far away.

Every now and then a tiny spark sparkles in her eyes and for the moment, everything is beautiful and everything is possible.

And just like that, she conjours a spectacular universe of the wonderful, and the rest of us are blinded of its infinite bliss.

And here I sit, by her side, inhaling the same air but none of the deliciousness that she savours. None of her sweet peacefulness.

I stare into a wall of cold plaster as she gazes upon a magnificent twilight of happy days that never end.

Like an impoverished writer, I wait on every word she bestows on me. Every shiver of her lips perks my desperate heart.

With one wave, she validates me! Lifts me up to the heights of that wonderful universe, the bliss and the peace, that magnificent twilight.

And I try to hold on to this moment, the moment her world becomes my own, the moment she see me with those beautiful, sparkling eyes.

And I crash back into reality, with a crack in my heart and a bruise on my soul.

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