There is and art, it says, or, rather, a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. Pick a nice day, it suggests, and try it. ~ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

the plan, really, was to be as undercover as possible. those of you who have followed this blog for almost a decade (damn, i feel old) would know how cryptically discreet i make myself out to be. okay, except the stints where i go on stage and bask in the glory of the spotlights. oh the pains and pleasures of superstardom. the slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes. to take up arms the great wide sea of troubles.

you gotta excuse the drama man. i got an audition coming up and it is a dramatic role, thus the character wanting a piece of the cyber limelight.

before i digressed, i wrote about intentions of keeping a low profile at this event. be that one fly on the wall. that shadow. the face in the crowd that could be mistaken for any other rose.

but you know what, in an industry this small, and by small, i’m saying that it is small in malaysia when you compare to the rest of the world – it is not that easy to blend when everyone is going all cheers on you. everywhere i turned, some familiar face is smiling back saying yo. as you can see from my previous post, i got to taking pics with people. insta is so cool like that, kan? my one regret is that i did not get instas with the malaysia airlines guys who set this whole thing up for me because they were running around everywhere. so dudes! if ya’lls are reading this, we gotta take some piccas. holla me sometime. i know that i am working like at the very edge of the planet right about now but it’s not like you guys are stationed that far off the galaxy either :)

the A380 takes off and there i am, staring into the tail cam as it takes off right into the clouds and when i say takes off right into the clouds, i mean exactly that. we flew straight into this mother of a cloud and like a shiny polished bullet, i see the wisps sliding smoothly off the body of the plane, right over its wings and disappear behind the jet into nothing. it was a decidedly cloudy morning and there was a bit of turbulence, aptly amplified by the super charged bunch that were gathered onboard. i mean seriously, this is one of the most colossal passenger jets of this generation. that is a damn lot of giggly kids. but like the circle of life, the group gazed onto to islands of penang and langkawi as the plane makes its was back to kl lulling the sugar rushes to a halt. the crowd relaxes, moving from excited to content, and for some of us a little ahead of our years, into peace.

the second take off sees this big bird cast its shadow over kl city center. i swear the plane almost tipped to one side the moment we flew 3,000 feet above ground to hover over the kl tower and twin towers and everyone with anything resembling a camera leaned over the starboard windows to take photos. it’s the klcc towers, for heaven’s sake, we’ve all see it before and over and over again with just about every tourism malaysia campaign ad, yo. okay okay, fine. this is just me hogging my precious window space to myself. in retrospect, any avi geek will be able to tell you that you got to be pretty damn luck to be on anything flying this close to anything in the city center. and fine, the aerial view of the towers, well, that’s something you don’t see everyday.

like a tribute of the new to the old, the A380 hovered over the length of subang airport before making its way back to sepang. i personally thought that was a nice gesture.

i think the big plus for me personally about this plane is the size and how it compensates for pressure changes especially during landing. okay, this really is not as complicated as it sounds. i have this crazy sinus thing that makes plane landings a particularly painful experience if i don’t equalise like every five seconds when a plane descents. pressure changes, compression, all that jazz. thing is, in a plane this size, i found – and this is my totally unscientific observation – that the compression is more widely distributed. i almost didn’t have to pop my ears at all, man! i don’t know about you guys, but i am a jumping jellybean at this one thing alone!

i’m glad i went on this flight, even if i wasn’t totally on spy more the whole time. only memo to self is to bring my own headphones onboard next time, which i do when i fly anyway. i found a usb port where i was seated but since no one brought memory sticks with them, i haz no idea what it does. not like it ruins the experience anyhos. mas inflight entertainment is something i am always happy to indulge. i honestly cannot say much about the chicken pie they served onboard, but all the OJ you can drink, is a yay. ya’ll can probably find other blogs that can better talk about all the features etc if youse are into that kinda thing. reviews have never been one of my strengths or interests. storytelling is what i’m all about, as you can so evidently see.

if anything, this flight is a jab in the rib that i need to go out and drift into adventure again. which really, is something very much overdue.


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