Is blogging dead?

Is blogging dead?  I’m not talking about the death of this blog per se.  I’m talking about the art. You know, diary keeping via online means. I know too many people who have outgrown their blogs, resulting in their cobwebbed state. Then there are other blogs who have seemed to have, well, evolved. Some turn into specially themed sites and well, I guess some other bloggers found some other purpose for their web space.

I think the surge in other social media mediums have had a hand to things. It is easy to see why many bloggers have turned to facebook or even to tumblrs for much easier social sharings. I personally am quite fond of twitter.

But as I was saying, that delicate art of diary keeping. For awhile, it was a dying art to put pen and paper and heart together, until the internet brought it back. And now, simplicity kills it again?

This blog has survived eight years. In the eight years, I’ve been caught in blog wars, blog campaigns, and have even almost been sued for stuff here. God knows how many layout changes youse people have seen this space clothed in.

I’ve been around the world, and you were there with me, through this blog. It is something I am quite proud of.

No, blogging is not dead. You and me baby, we’ve gone too far.

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