Open letter to a former lecturer

dear mr. vijay,

now that i think about it, it is way past 10 years since i last sat in your tutorial classes. i have forgotten the name of those classes (i am sure one of my friends will be able to enlighten me on this), but i recall them to have something to do with speech. public speaking. something like that. and then another class on creative writing, where i bastardized a version of snow white and the seven dwarfs (by calling them perverted midgets from our medical faculty, among other things). while i am pretty sure that many other lecturers may not appreciate such humour, i cannot say that i regret a word, and i am sincerely happy that you gave me that opportunity.

i did become a writer for quite some time after i graduated. and if this blog displays even the slightest evidence of such talent, i guess i can say that i still am, somewhat. it is my latest endeavor however, that i am eager to share with you today.

the irony is, while many of my friends went on to, i never took your theater and play production subjects. i was to brash, too eager to plunge right into the deep end of things. counter to your advice, i hopped right into the degree program. but for this one subject, i returned, although unofficially, to help out. i remember programming cues for the stage lights and music from the control room as the cast went though scene by scene of anthony and cleopatra.

back then, and i guess until less than a year ago, acting was never on my intention list.

the motivation to act would probably fill another blog post altogether, but jumping ahead, earlier in the year, i found myself cast into a massive production which culminated into the stage i am currently performing on. the auditorium sits an audience of 400. opening night was last friday. runs until next week.

yes, they gave me the antagonist character, which i have come to enjoy. i would not say that i have a main role in the play, but i would like to believe that i have just about enough stage time to be somewhat memorable. although turbulent at times, the production process has been an interesting one. meeting interesting people, the backstage drama and issues which… i guess i will need more exposure to this industry in order to decide if these things are, well, normal.

i guess the ultimate question is if i having fun doing this. to be intentionally cryptic, i would say that creativity, to me, is an interesting enough process to be rendered as a form of “fun”. fun enough to keep me here for now. fun enough to keep me curious about it for some time. and i have learnt long ago not to search for justifications more elaborate than that.

i write this because i thought of you and my friends in the anthony and cleopatra production team as my first experience in any form of theater.

if only you folks could see me now.

here’s to having a taste of the stage, 10 years later :)

One thought on “Open letter to a former lecturer

  1. It was TESL night 1999. A night of culture and music. He made it compulsory for us to do the show, and a very controversial night indeed. Good luck for you Majidah. (“,). If u r performing in nearby here would love to come and watch. (“,)

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