Take responsibility for yourself because no one’s going to take responsibility for you. ~ Tyra Banks

hey little girl!

i know you think that right about now, the whole world owes you a living because your the superstar bitch because you splatter yourself with make up and all the boys are interested in you because you have a nice personality when in fact, they only like the way you wear tight and skimpy shirts, because seriously girl, there ain’t nothing upstairs to shout out about. you think that just because you smile that way, shake that ass and hike your shirt up to your boobs, the world would fall to your feet. you think that this is your time and pretty rebel means you rule the world and you can own anything.

newsflash. I AM the superstar bitch and i don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

not even 21 la, bitch please, there is a reason why there is a legality limit to those things that you consider so cool to be doing underage. it is so that you can taste all those without ruining your fucking future. that is why we all college years the stupid years. and that is an important phase. so that even though you are out there wasting your nights away, there is that something for you to fall back on, the possibility of a real future when all of this gets old and stale.

you think that life is a party now but seriously, at the rate you’re going, you party will be over by the time you hit your mid-20s when you realise that you ain’t got no education, your face makes you look like you are in your 40s because of all the vices that you think is so damn cool to indulge in, your body is sick and tired because you have not treated it with respect, your friends have moved on to bigger and better things and have no more time to listen to you yap about how fabulous life will be when you move on to hollywood. your family, yeah, well i suppose that your family might take you back, of which you should be very very grateful for, looking at the way you are treating them right now.

the fact is, life can be a one big party, but not if you don’t have any self respect. all that nonsense about thinking that you are so hot and because of that you absolutely positively have to wear the tightest and skimpiest outfits so you can flaunt what you got with all the boys – darling, it only makes you look cheap. here you are complaining that guys don’t take you seriously – it is because of all this whoring that you do. you got to realise that a girl who bounces her tits as she prances down a lorong is not the kind of girl that he wants to take home to meet mommy. oh, and on that note, don’t mess with a boy and his mommy. seriously. respect it.

so little girl, as long as you have that princess bitch mentality, you really will keep getting hurt. i guess the most hilarious part is you wondering why us so-called less hotter girls have more friends, have a better relationship with our families, have stable relationships with really nice guys, have jobs that decently pays us and are just generally happier. why oh why is the world so damn unfair to a pretty little thing like you? well, to begin with, we don’t pick a fight with the world. you got to realise that we have all been hurt really badly at some point in our lives. many many times too.

don’t you start now with how unfair life is to you. that is just how it rolls. what you need to do is pick yourself up, and by picking yourself up, i am not just talking about picking up the pieces a broken heart blah blah blah. you also got to pick up your dignity. pride. plant it in that air head of yours (yes, there is plenty of space, apparently) that you are not going to sell yourself out to the world. you may get all the attention you want now with all the frolicking, but girl seriously, is the drunk at the bar the kind of attention you want? when all the boys want to strip you, does that make you feel respectable? or does it somehow register in your brain that, “yes! i have found true love!” you have got to get a grip!

the way i see it, you are in for a crash. my dilemma now is knowing that you are gonna get so hurt, but i absolutely believe that this is something that has got to happen. and all long as you think that the world is just being plain unfair and you don’t respect yourself, it is going to happen over and over again.

but maybe one day you will wake up in the morning after a whole night of crying, wipe the dried up tears off your face, stagger to a mirror, look at yourself and say that enough is enough. that you are finally done with all this party gangsta life bullshit, and want to make a change. maybe one day when you scroll through your phone book, you will realise that there isn’t a single contact in there that likes you for anything else other than your body or your image, or maybe not even either. maybe one day when you look at all your slut outfits, you will want to set the whole lot on fire.

i would like to say that i would be here for you when that happens.

but maybe not.

well, maybe.

we’ll see.


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