All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. ~ George Orwell, Animal Farm

i want to make this perfectly clear. we are all human and we are all the same people. i bleed red blood, they bleed red blood. we all know what hardship means in our own way and even though we do so for different reasons, we all cry too. they are human. ordinary, oxygen breathing humans. we all have our own stories to tell. we all have gone through different experiences and yes, they are different, but that does not mean that some experiences are more important that others. it simply means we have different stories to tell. we have all made sacrifices. more importantly, we have all made mistakes, and been hurt, and somehow, in our own way found a way to move on from there, in different ways. this tapestry is what makes us human. what makes us this species of flesh and blood called humans.

someday, i will be rid of this vip-treatment mentality that infests the minds of people around me. oh vip tak boleh makan pakai tangan sebab dia vip. vip tak boleh drive sendiri, kena ada driver, and kena ada police outriders because vip tak boleh be seen in a traffic jam sebab dia vip. vip tak boleh pijak rumput sebab dia vip. mana boleh kita bagi vip beratur sebab dia vip. vip kena ada meja special. kena bagi makanan special. kena bagi tempat duduk special. lepas tu kena entertain nanti vip jadi bosan. lepas tu kena bagi dia gift cenderamata so dia happy… eh, souvenier plastik mana boleh, dia vip… kena bagi pasu crystal swarovski, or at least pewter royal selangor.

you and me fall into the category of rakyat jelata, people who sit in the crowd and are expected to clap enthusiastically, and look up with admiration for being the the aura of someone who is more equal than others. wait, unless you are some kind of vip and you… you’re reading this blog!!! omaigad, let me roll out the red carpet for you and pull out my very very very best silverware! the kind that i would never use for myself but you… you are a vip and only your saliva is worthy of gracing these cutleries that i am now so terribly envious of now!


we all laugh. and cry. and sweat. and bleed. all in our own ways. all to our own degrees. this does no make one human being superior over others. never forget that.

5 thoughts on “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. ~ George Orwell, Animal Farm

  1. Like !! Dah jadi part of the culture which is completely outta control. Throw any stones outside & chance is u could hit a Datuk among them…Come next kotak yang berkenaan je..:P

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