A great many years ago I purchased a fine dictionary. The first thing I did with it was to turn to the word “impossible,” and neatly clip it out of the book. That would not be an unwise thing for you to do. – Napoleon Hill

cardio and yoga five days a week is starting to really beat whatever lazy ass muscles, more like lemak, into shape. i really don’t know which is worse. cardio, with all that running and all, is like being served a jail sentence on a silver platter on just how blatantly unfit i have let myself become. and yoga! here i was, thinking how bad can some slow stretching and breathing exercises be lah kan? OH MY GOD! my ankles and knees has never been kneaded like that before. i feel like very old, hard dough, being brutally tortured by… um nevermind. someday MW might find this blog.

but in my defense, it is not like i am not making improvements! i do all my jumping jacks and knees up running with all the guys and walaupun when i started i could not do that yoga move, i can now lean backwards to touch my ankles in that breathing position number entah berapa. yoga still leaves me light headed but i’m gonna try drinking more water throughout the day to try to fix that. speaking of eating, i’m also tryning to adjust my eating schedules to be… well… i guess healthier. aku dah tak sanggup membawa beban lemak ni any further with this five sessions of cardio and yoga a week. even if the sessions are less than an hour.

anyway, we have all been tentatively cast into our roles already. which is a good thing la, even thought we have been told that people might still be switched around. it is nice to have something to focus on. i am learning a lot about how big productions are developed. its all new and interesting to me. god knows that this production is currently what’s balancing the drama of work life. which is quite ironic, kan? drama balances up drama. heh. this is when i make lame observations about my own life and laugh at myself. excuse me.

i have somehow been persuaded to get myself one of those canggih tab computers. i hope this means that you guys will get more updates on this blog. yeah, i hope so too.


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