Ese es su más grande error, pensar que los necesito para que me protejan.

you know, i have always wondered about this attention span and i have never been shy of saying that it is amazingly skimpy. i am easily distracted, my mind goes to places far far away and and it is like there is this whole alternate universe that i slip into if i have to sit somewhere for more than five minutes. so i doodle. A LOT. i have this nice swirly pattern that is particularly the flavour of the month. might go triangles and squares next month, so yeah, that is how random it gets and more importantly, there is always something. oh, and lately there is angry birds. hah, i finally got meself a phone that plays this.

so there i am. trying to crush a pig with three tiny blue birds while listening to lectures. i really AM listening to the lecture. the game and the doodle really are thing… tool… to keep my mind in the same room. i can listen. i can discuss. i can answer questions. i just… well, am crushing pigs at the same time.

and i thought i was the only one because, well, the corporate world really is not all quite like that.

and then last weekend i walked into a cybercafe for my weekly dose of brain burning games and saw something that like BAM! made perfect sense to me. the cyber geeks had at least two screens on their computer, one with whatever game they’re playing, one more resized to youtube, and one more with twitter of facebook or some other social networking window. all windows were resized so that the happy geek can see at at the same time and just move from one window to another. HOW TOTALLY AWESOME IS THAT? this is multitasking at its most genius and is the holy grail for attention span deficiency.

it makes perfect sense. when you have all the windows together, your eyes are at the same place. you mind is at the same place. and that is exactly what i need right now, for all my senses to be centralised.

i heard this radio documentary on bfm a coupla weeks back which spoke about this new generation of multitaskers, saying that the mind has developed in such a way that this generation NEEDS a few things to happen at the same time. their mind can handle it and it is an evolution which i say, i think i am a part of.

i am sure that if i google this up, i would find more interesting stuff, but to me, the pieces already makes sense.

so i shall doodle. and i shall game. and there are really countless of things i can and now should do to keep my mind focused. gosh, i got to find to proper name for this condition. super-brain comes to mind.


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