¿Qué tonto revela su estratagema a mitad del juego?

damn, its really been some time since we chatted, kan? i know, i know, i have been swamping this space with so much fillers, it it starting more like a tumblr than a blog pulak. well, at least you people cannot say that i don’t have a life outside cyberspace. and i do actually know a bunch of you who don’t.

i have been busy doing… well, i realise that i can’t really put my finger on exactly what i have been busy up to. a little bit of this and a little bit of that, i suppose. of both the good and bad kind, which i suppose kinda brings this sense of balance to life. up in the clouds but very down to earth at the same time.

i start the weeks totally looking forward to the weekends because, well i guess the weekend is when all the bits and pieces actually properly reflects the patchwork which has become my life. and that is nice, really. i kinda got pointed out by some of those privlidged enough to know me in my off-work mode that i am a different person altogether with my hair down, literally speaking. and i have yet to decide if this is a good or bad thing. you see, experience tells me that keeping my professional and personal life separate is one of the best decisions ever. this also implies – also through experience – that bringing both together is a bad move. the downside to this is that people at work don’t know who i really am… and come to think of it, this is not all that bad a thing. and yes, there is that sneaky little voice in me that sometimes whispers, “god, if only they knew…!” in some of the more awkward scenarios i find myself in, but then i get to walk away from the scene, you see, and peel off the mask that i don for the so-called professional world to see, and happily slip into my fluffy slippers and skid across marble floors like a total rock star.

mmm… marble floors… :)

so then comes the weekends and i turn into a… well, a human being, if that is not too hard to imagine. a human being who enjoys the big screen, a lovely lit fic novel, light hearted sports, music, culinary exploitations in the form of calorie laden pastries, and who appreciates real proper human intellectual conversations. anecdotes, if you will. the story of your life in pursuit of the world’s treasures.

yeah, that sort of thing. the sort of thing that makes life both simplistic and complicated all at the same time. i said something just awhile ago about patchwork. that makes more and more sense the more i think about it. think of the metaphor like one of those nice old-school quilts. completely unique. beautiful. meaningfully loyal to just that one master who knows exactly what each little patch means.

each little patch that is more than meets the eye.


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