G’day ya’ll, and this is me reporting from summer-come-early Brisbane!

… and of course, what absolutely HAD to happen on my very first day in australia…? my shoes tore to bits.

and i am not saying koyak sikit-sikit okay. i am saying that the sole decides to completely rip apart and the leather itself tears at the seams. the best part is that it did not happen gradually. oh no. the whole thing came down tsunami style on me. one minute, i am happily strolling through new park, the next minute, i am dragging my right foot to the closest park bench because my socks were walking on the street instead of my shoes!

now that was something. for one thing, the shoe was instantly unwearable. and i am not one of those freaks that carry around slippers or an extra pair of shoes masa keluar jalan-jalan ok. kalau ada pun, they would be in my suitcase in my hotel and not in my daypack. as reality has it, i was a good half and hour boat ride away from my hotel and alas, i did not have a spare pair of shoes in my suitcase. oh, and i need to go to work tomorrow and i can only imagine how my colleagues will look at me if i turn up in just socks or maybe even kaki ayam.

so macam mana, i dug every backpacker instinct i had in me, pulled off both my shoes and socks and walked barefoot into brisbane city center over to the queens street mall to get me a new pair of footwear.

i do not recommend walking barefeet. i am serious. while thousands of googleable sites will tell you how unhygenic and dangerous it is to walk barefeet in the city, i will tell you that it is just downright painful. selaga jenis batu that you can imagine finds its way under your feet not to mention whatever else that has been dropped, spilt or god forbid pooped has been splattered all over such streets that i am actually quite happy that i don’t know these things. plus, on a bright sunny day such as summer-come-early brisbane, the streets heat up and especially the parts of the street that are tiled, it becomes hot and extremely uncomfortable.

when i get to the street mall, the shoes are not only expensive, but i learn that the smallest size is a 6. now i am on the lower end of size 5. 5 and a half, at the most.

to shorten the story, i ended up with a pair of shoes (size 6, sigh).

i end this post with something the sales girl told me as i cashed in the shoes, “at least you can start your trip to australia with new shoes!”


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