Baru two days fresh from the life of a theatre artist and I’m jumping into the writing pants of this year’s NaNoWriMo!

feels like an incredibly busy end of the year, kan? well actually, it is even busier than that. i’ve been traveling a bit all over the country to teach under the company’s english for rural primary schools program and there are more of such trips coming up. then there’s a coupla other projects that i got to see through before the year is up. oh, and we got a gig coming up. been writing a few new songs in the past few months and SO got to fine tune them in time for the show.

and of course, there’s nano! after four years of hibernation, i’m back in the nano fever and i hope i can complete it this time. my last record was what, a bit over 20,000 words? something like that? tu pun i was losing steam by the third week. got some awesome writing buddies this year so i hope i can at least surpass the previous record. okay, more optimistic, must aim to complete it this year.


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