There are nearly seven billion people on this planet. Each one unique. Different. What are the chances of that? And why? Is it simply biology, physiology that determines this diversity? A collections of thoughts, memories, experiences that carve out our own special place? Or is it something more than this? Perhaps there’s a master plan that drives the randomness of creation. Something unknowable that dwells in the soul, and presents each one of us with a unique set of challenges that will help us discover who we really are… We are all connected. Joined together by an invisible thread, infinite in its potential and fragile in its design. Yet while connected, we are also merely individuals. Empty vessels to be filled with infinite possibilities. An assortment of thoughts, beliefs. A collection of disjointed memories and experiences. Can I be me without this? Can you be you? And if this invisible thread that holds us together were to sever, to cease, what then? What would become of billions of lone, disconnected souls? Therein lies the great quest of our lives. To find. To connect. To hold on. For when our hearts are pure, and our thoughts in line, we are all truly one. Capable of repairing our fragile world, and creating a universe of infinite possibilities. ~ Heroes

gosh, the last few days… wait, days? must be like a week in already that i have been feeling like i have just been run over by a locomotive powered by a coal fed steam engine. i want to say that it is the weather. hm. it probably is the weather. the haze and the rain, then there’s the haze and its dry and hot and suddenly rainy, oh, and did i mention the haze? damn the haze, man.

been diving into a bunch of things lately. lots of artsy fartsy stuff. trying to get creative and expressive and widen my world view. mingling with a bunch of new people. good things, mostly. and some that are just too weird and i’m still trying to find something funny to say about them. but hey, the good or the bad of the experience, does not matter. a new experience is a new experience and i think i’ve learnt more in the last month or so, than i have in a long time without needing a passport. heh.

i guess the most important thing about this entire experience of starting a bunch of new experiences (let’s see how many times you got to re-read that) is that i am building some personality, i guess, outside my workplace and certainly outside my comfort zone. at the very least, i can say with right out conviction that i got a life outside the office. at least for now. and i don’t know how imma come out of this, or even if i get out of all this even, but for now, i’m gonna paddle the wave, and catch the next surf.

cowabungga, baby!


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