You thought the cheesecake story is OVER? Well that is before the OREO CHEESECAKE experiement happened!!

tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian, i present to you, the oreo cheesecake! seriously, this one happened just as an accident because, well, i was constrained by time when i decided to do this cake. also, my loyal assistant just happened to used the batu lesung (i kid you not!) to crush the oreo biscuits to powdered smithereens and that it why the cake looks cement mix.

oh tetapi resultnya sangat surprisingly delicious ok! excellent consistency, one of the most solid so far (yes, i have had those that deflated on me :P) and my testers absolutely loved it sampai they cannot stop eating it. oreos yang hancur sampai habuk blended so well with the cheese that the cake turned out so smooth. i had to pause them from all the slicing so i can snap the picture.

ok lah, lepas in nak quit my job and bukak kedai lah.


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