‘Twas the night before Aidilfitri

… and i just made a cheesecake. an orange cheesecake. with pulp. i mean, i hope the pulp part happens. i whisked the pulp in with the rest of the cream cheese mixture so fine, it kinda dissolved in and i’m not gonna know for sure until i slice through the thing tomorrow. speaking of which, i’m crossing my toes that it sets by tomorrow morning. mid morning. lunchtime, latest. the last time (i made a lemon one a coupla days ago to test), it took just about 24 hours to solidify. i’m kinda thinking if it is a good idea to stick it in the freezer. hm. ice cream cheesecake does not really sound like a bad idea now does it? :)

i wish there were more happy raya songs. i’ve ranted about this before. but seriously, we really need more happy raya songs. cheerful ones. happy joyful ones like christmas songs.

speaking of which, i never thought i’d find myself composing a rock ballad, but dudes, its been about a week in now and the song is coming out really nicely. the test audience liked it so much, they’re already recommending studio sessions.

by now, you’re probably wondering where this whole night before aidilfitri post is going, aren’t you? fact is, do you actually read this blog for direction?

i think “aidilfitri” is such a pretty word. trend these days seem to be calling it “eid” or “eid-ul-fitr”. now i’m not saying it is wrong. the linguist in me is saying, who cares? a word by any other spelling, duh. it is the meaning that matters. the ethno-linguist part of me is wondering why why why? why are we using “eid” now? “aidilfitri”, like i said, is so pretty. its the word i grew up with. more importantly, its so malaysian. and that is why i love the word. i think too many of us are trying to be arab or politically arab-correct. still, the question is why?

one hour left before midnight of syawal. and i’m thinking of the people i love. praying for the people i love. praying for their peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of soul. i pray for smiles. i pray for laughter. more and more. as the days go by. i pray for joy. for happiness. for peace.

the neighbourhood kamikaze squad has been blowing up fire crackers all evening. roads in the klang valley is clearing as people steadily make their way out of town. my twitter feed for the past three days have been peppered with accidents on this and that highways.

be safe on the roads ya’ll.


2 thoughts on “‘Twas the night before Aidilfitri

  1. Hey, have good Eid or rather, Id, as they call it here in the UK. I wish my Muslim mates here Selamat Hari Raya and they respond ‘say, what? ‘

    hope your cheescake turns out.

  2. yay, cheesecakes! You’re really enjoying the baking aren’t you?

    be good and have fun tomorrow. it’s going to be a wonderful day!

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