The native sun is within you and around you. ~ Georgian proverb

watching the georgian band the shin perform live was a real treat. and i mean, it was one of those performances i really looked forward to this year and i came away extremely impressed. stunning and i mean STUNNING guitar work, a hilarious bassist, everyone plus the drummer and accordian player and flute player had such happy chemistry, and a dancer! seriously, one of the most brilliant performances from this year’s RWMF.

THAT, my dear readers, is zaza miminoshvili. cun giler nama dia kan? he’s the mad guitarist i’ve been ranting so much about. you can seen the mad skillz just prancing its way around his face!

oh, but this is what really gets the crowd screaming, this guy. who, in putting on a different hat, gets up and dances!

now you might think that this dance is weird and random. if you look closely tho, you might see a bit of russian, mid eastern and even some european dances like flamenco and jazz in the moves.

that’s because, unless you’ve guessed it by now, the georgia they’re from is not in the united states of america. goergia is a country in its own right. yea, i know, i’ve never heard of georgia the country before pun. see? we all learnt something new today.

and here he is dancing with a prop, his drum. notice that he’s wearing a different hat in all the vids ya. we all get excited everytime he changes hat. the hat’s his thang!

and finally, siapa can resist a dance like that? here comes the accordian player throwing in a coupla modern moves into the dance.

makes me just want to hop planes over to georgia if everyone there is this sporting and funny. i half wished that the event organisers had put more attention for the shin and put them at a more prime time slot. they really deserve a full audience to appreciate their music. then again, i like the idea that quite a nice crowd did gather for this very early performance. they we on like, what, the first band on the second day? let me put it this way, the BEST damn opening band evah!

i got to meet the band the next day at the guitarology workshop. omg, that is such a magnificent workshop. you’ll see some awesome guitar work in the coming posts. plus, more zaza. really, what a cun name.


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