Here’s another country you might not have heard of: Latvia. They come up with folk music like this. I swear, I want to hop on the next plane to go there right now. Music like this, man. And the fiddle. The FIDDLE!

the band name is ilgi and watching them perform life at RWMF this year was a huge highlight of the festival for me. ilgi is right up there on the top three of my absolute fav bands at the festival this year, which i am happy to say, showcased a pretty decent lineup this year yo.

i actually got to spend some time with the band at their dance workshop the next day. walaubagaimanapun, i didn’t get a vid of that because, well, i was dancing. latvian folk dance, which is so much fun. especially kalau menari beramai-ramai. nanti i’ll show you guys at the next party.

i bought the band’s CD and have been listening to it at home over and over again. so good. and i mean it. so good. nasib baik my car radio is rosak or else my car pool will get an earful of latvia every morning and evening. teehee.


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