we spread zydecosis. and there is no cure for zydecosis! ~ lisa haley

at the press conference on the morning of the rainforest world music festival, someone challenged the bands to make music with stuff on the table there and then. immediately, lisa took the microphine, “you want us to make music? here? now? well, just try to stop us!”

this bundle of energy is lisa haley, lead to the band lisa haley and the zydekats. they’re on billboard and they’re grammy nominated, “… and we did not have to sell our souls for it!” lisa tells me. and to think that just one generation ago, zydeco and real cajun music was almost wiped out.

“i compose songs in my sleep,” lisa tells me, “i’m not kidding you. god gives it to me in my dream. i wake up, and it is fully formed,” of course, it does not happen overnight. it takes many days, even weeks, but according to lisa, its all about patience.

i’m kinda sworn to secrecy over her age, but damn, i could only wish i will have all that energy by the time i’m as old as she is. writing dreaming up music. making music. laughing out loud. singing out loud. seriously, what a ball of positive energy!


One thought on “we spread zydecosis. and there is no cure for zydecosis! ~ lisa haley

  1. she is such an amazing musician. I have every confident that you will play and make music like her when you get to her age. wait…you never grow old! aren’t you still 21?

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