my favs from the first night of this year’s RWMF

i actually thoroughly enjoyed the first night of this year’s rwmf. looking back, i’m gonna say that that friday was the best night of this year’s festival. lots of really great bands playing good, honest music. i’m giving thumbs up to almost every band on that first day. pats on the back to the organisers for a great friday night.

masters of sape. when this band came on, the evening was still bright. the sun was setting and people were trickling into the concert ground. it really was a beautiful performance and i’m proud to know these guys personally as really nice people.

how good this bad is really came as a surprise to me. of my pre event research, i had originally put this as a so-so expectation, but when they came on life, i was delighted to find that they rocked. i was so impressed, i bought their CD and i am really happy about it. band name is kamarunga. they’re australian. well done, really.

mucha gusta el trio de viktor valdez. mariachi. reminds me of my trip to mexico last year. check out the vid. you know that sound that reminds you of a piano? dude, that’s viktor valdez playing an electric harp! i know, how awesome is that! only thing was, half was through, he started taking requests from the crowd. senor viktor valdez, quieremos cancion originales de su pais, por favor!

kamafei hails from italy. songs are in italian. lots of people here don’t speak italian and i think these boys know it and is making fun of it on stage. vibes are just awesome but guys, the gestures and and all, just makes me feel like one or two numbers they played borders a little bit on the… well… naughty side. heh. you had to be there watching to know what i mean :)

bluegrass really is great stuff. and maybe its because of the side of the world i’m usually standing on, we don’t get too much bluegrass around here. heh, and you know, if you ask me, i’m not even sure if we should try. all the yodeling. oh, these are the blue canyon boys. love the suits.

here’s frigg. i’ve been looking forward to this band since before the festival. i absolutely love fiddles and this band did not disappoint. great energy, great chemistry between the four fiddlers.


One thought on “my favs from the first night of this year’s RWMF

  1. love the bluegrass boys, it’s great to know acts like Mumford & Sons and Avett Brothers bringing bluegrass back in a new dimension

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