masters of the sape – this is how it all began

i am incredibly excited to learn that mathew ngau jau, asang lawai and tegit asat will be playing at this year’s rainforest world music festival! real cultural music, and i do mean the genuine deal from upper baram and belaga. its not just their music, but these are really really awesome guys. i had the great opportunity to follow them a couple of years ago and this really is great news.

this will be the band i will be following closely when i get to kuching tomorrow. i think cultural appreciation is so important and something we must not lost hold of. the stories, the folklore, the dreams that are inherited from one generation to another.

the dude in the black shirt chewing sireh is asang lawai. a damn cool dude. he’s playing lead sape in this song called urau kawak together with jimpau balan and lek dayat. i remember a time when asang was telling me about how to play the sape with bunga. it is about technique, but it is also about style and heart, the bunga. it shows, really, when you are playing music for the sake of it, and when you’re playing for the soul.

guys, i will be tweeting from the rainforest world music festival all weekend. if is you all got questions for the band, tweet them over yea. oh, and you’re gonna be circa the vicinity, holla back yo!


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