There are many ways to define our fragile existence, many ways to give them meaning. But it is our memories that shapes its purpose and give it context. The private collection of images, fears, loves, regrets… we choose the important of each. Building our own unique histories, one memory at a time. Hoping the ones we choosed to remember don’t betray us or trap us. Forces the cruel irony of life that we are destiny to hold the dark with the light, the good with the evil. This is what separates us, what make us human. And at the end, we must fight to hold on. ~ Heroes (Season 4 / Upon This Rock)

guys, i know that i’ve been super distracted over these past few weeks. yea, i know, like i owe it to you lot of keep the beef on my table, like duh. but still, you all know how much i enjoy the ego boost of all your anticipatory visitations, so i thought i’d scribble a little something here just so that you know that i am not dead.

i’d like to begin today with talking about changes. yea, that sentence is a disclaimer just in case this leads to other topics and does not end with any educational conclusion in that train of thought. changes. changes is a funny thing. i am sure you intellectual readers have encountered a fair share of self contemplation on this matter. for you non-intellectuals, i’d really like to know why you are reading this blog. no, seriously. leave me a comment and tell me what you’re thinking right about now. because the tooth fairy said so. why yes, she will leave a dollar under your pillow tonight if you comment. off you go, clickety click now.

back on the topic, i specifically allude you to the acceptance of certain changes in life. there is absolutely no need to be all specific right about now. suka hati kamu lah apa jenis changes that you nak imagine right now lah. orang orang pandai kata changes is the only permanent thing in life. fine. and so when thing change, for better or for worse, it is our reaction to these changes that determines our mental state of mind at the given time. and some changes are more life changing than others.

i offer this thought, that the acceptance of changes is a process. that you move from from state of mind to another. and the acceptance of change is the process of embedding that change.

the sinking in.

and here is the hemorrhage of this headache that i present to you this afternoon. that the sinking in itself is a mental exercise that shapes us. that journey, leaving one state of consciousness to another. that moment of being in between. having let go of this, but not quite having a grip on that yet. but on the way there.

and to bleed it even more, it is my opinion that not all of this neither here nor there journey is necessarily a bad thing. and not always do we want things to settle in as quickly as possible. sometimes, it is nice to be caught in this process. sometimes, the process itself, the journey itself is already so exciting, that one tends to want to delay the sinking in.

and like a leaf, freshly liberated from a tree, it wants to take its time to be carried by the wind and be taken to unbelievable heights on wings that it has never gained before, before falling back down to its new role back on earth.



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