digging through a friend’s thumbdrive, found some not so old photos. suddenly belgium comes to mind. serious chocolate cravings imminent.

nutella crepes. i mean, seriously, nutella crepes. with belgian hot chocolate. nutella crepes is the second most addictive thing in the world, i swear! we bought one. and then bought another. and then another. what you don’t see in the picture are belgian waffles. itu sudah hilang sebelum the camera even got close to it. itu pemenang nombor satu.

i know someone who’s going to give me hell for this pose but i am asian and this is the asian making her obligatory mark on behalf of all asians in the world’s greatest chocolate factory belgium. *glows with semangat ke-asian-an*

we spent quite some time trying to figure out what that basket of metal things are. i think we decided that they’re flowers. but even that’s probably just our closest guess. the guy at the back must be thinking that this poor jakun asian girl needs some chocolate. well, she does. please feed the poor jakun asian girl some chocolate.

belgian chocolate. wherefore art thou, belgian chocolate? where have you been all my life?


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