¡dame los cables puente de batería, los pollos se han escapados!

feeling rather spanish this morning. been a pretty messed up last 48 hours and some shocked up wiring upstairs is slowly tuning into the spanish channels for some almost understandable reasons. es como hablar a la pared. sigh. mi bebida se siente sola. ¿te gustaría acompañarme con la tuya?

the fact is, sometimes in life, we come across people who simply just have pancakes for brains. and you know what they say, para todo mal, mezcal, para toda bien, tambien. estaba esperando que tú recordaras como conseguí este tatuaje. en mi carbeza.

am probably going to switch to rubber chicken mode for the rest of the week. la risa es el mejor remedio. i got to laugh at everything now, or else seriously, i will just go bananas. life’s just at one of its unreasonable points and yeah, maybe the best thing to do is laugh along with it until it tires itself out. and then we’ll steal their shoes and run away.

yea. sounds like a plan.


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