I will find no rest here. I heard her voice inside my head. She spoke of my father and the fall of Gondor. She said to me, even now, there is hope left, but I cannot see it. It is long since we had any hope. My father is a noble man, but his rule is failing, and our people lose faith. He looks to me to make things right and I would do it. I would see the glory of Gondor restored. Have you ever seen it, Aragorn? The White Tower of Ecthelion, glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver, its banners caught high in the morning breeze. Have you ever been called home by the clear ringing of silver trumpets? ~ Boromir (Tolkien)

greetings germs!

let’s have a chat today, shall we? it is a monday and seriously, we need to talk about this. if you ask me, i think it is a cosmic prank which is just not that funny anymore. you hear me, up there?! NOT FUNNY! it is as if monday sashays it way into the week and everyone’s crankiness levels just go nuclear. and i am not just talking about on reactor in a land far far away. no way, man. i am talking about everyone, and yes you, you, you and you, everyone goes on a PMS trip, all at the same time. i’m talking cramps here. a twist in your gut. you know what its like. if you don’t then ho ho ho, lucky you. now go hug your grandma, mom, sister, girlfriend, girl friends and the tea lady. they go thru a lot.

speaking of emo trips, one of my latest projects brings together some of the most emo choked team members like evah! just how emo, well kalau suatu hari nanti aku jadi seorang novelist yang amat terkenal, you will know that it is because i was inspired by all this drama! on the up side, there is always something happening lah. no dull moment over here. on the flip side, walaupun i try to stay on the spectator’s seat as long as possible, memang unevitable that aku sekali kena roped into the drama. part-part macam ni lah, that when my novels get made into a movie nanti, i shall make my cameo appearances.

yea. that part, i got all figured out :)

its been pretty hot these days, kan? dah masuk waktu heatwave la sekarang and if you’re still one of those people who think that climate change is just the flavour of the day, the i hope you melt in this damn heat lah! and you know what, in about two months, and that is what, july… it will start to rain. and i mean one of those gila punya rain and there will be flash floods all round KL and people’s brains would have turned to water also because traffic is going to get all messed up. and you can still tell me that climate change is not real? it is getting bloody worse and worse every year. and we can still think about all that construction happening in town. me, well, you got to give me a damn good reason before i’d even think about going over to town. seriously, you people are crazy.


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