Why was I born with such contemporaries? ~ Oscar Wilde

i am sure that sometime and damn, i hope sometime soon, this string of super crazy weekends will just cut me some slack and just for once, let me sleep in until i get all sore from rolling on the bed all day long.

don’t get me wrong, its all been the good kind of busy. the great kind of busy actually. catching up with friends. working on my music. some charity work. some creative work. waking up with passionate purpose. late nights laughing out loud.

i love the pace. loads of things coming together and life feels rich. there is a value in the hours and there is always something to look forward to.

ah, these are pics from our first setup day for this year’s kl photoawards, as spied on by steven‘s phone cam. gonna be an awesome show on tuesday. you should come!

oh, but for some sleep! please! sigh, makes monday seem like an absolute killjoy, kan? :P


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