bring on the weekend, NOW!

i have not slept for more than six hours straight since i got back from copenhagen. i know that it is almost friday midday but i tell you, i have had to absolutely heave myself around these few days. especially yesterday which was sick, man. and this morning. damn, driving to work was one of those psychedelic things i would really have preferred to be under the influence experiencing, you know what i mean? having a hangover for no reason whatsoever feels like such a waste.

if i sound like a druggie going through withdrawals right about now, i assure you that it is not it. at least the druggie would have something to withdraw from. this is like like… like making love out of nothing at all. there i go quoting air supply. weirdly, i have been hearing that song so many times on random mediums over the past few days. i am sure that the forces of the universe is trying to tell me something. i wish they would just cut it out with all the metaphors. spell it to me plain and simple. and don’t give me any of that running on empty shit. tell me something i don’t know.


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